Selling to help others

regular readers know that we dedicate an extensive amount of time each week
talking about important subjects related to buying and selling liquidation
merchandise. What and when to buy, how to market your goods, where to sell and
how to maximize your profits. Selling liquidation can change your life in a lot
of positive ways, but it can also be used to change the lives of others. In
addition to being a savvy entrepreneur, are you the type that takes the time to
give back to your community? Whether it’s lending a helping hand at a local
nonprofit or church group, there are lots of ways that one individual can make
a significant impact to the lives of others. You, as an entrepreneur, are
currently buying to resell liquidation merchandise to make a profit but have
you ever considered buying to give? We are quite pleased to say that we have
clients just like this who are making money reselling liquidation merchandise
and at the same time buying goods to donate to nonprofit organizations such as
clothing, shoes, and outerwear. We applaud you and your efforts, you are an
inspiration to us, and we sincerely hope that your entrepreneurial spirit and
generosity will help to inspire others.

addition to servicing a wide array of retailers and distributors,
Foxliquidation also works closely with a variety of large and small nonprofit
charitable organizations and corporations looking to provide clothing and other
support to those in need. Whether you are a nonprofit charitable organization,
corporation, or an individual looking to make a donation, you can magnify your
donation significantly by purchasing liquidation merchandise. Liquidation
merchandise can be bought for pennies on the dollar compared with a purchase
from a distributor or manufacturer. Making donations of tangible goods also
ensures that the dollars you spend will actually get to the people in need as
opposed to monetary contributions which are often consumed in operating

is here to assist you in any way we can. Please contact us at to inquire about how Foxliquidation can help you to
help others. 

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