Poshmark is it time to take another look?

Poshmark the fun and simple way to buy fashion… But is it
the place to sell fashion? Until recently its focus has been the casual
consumer who is also looking to thin out their closet a bit by selling on the side.
Many might consider posting everything via their phone, convenient if you’re
just selling one or two items not so much if you are listing hundreds of items regularly.
So what’s a serious seller to do? Grin and bear it? Post a few items just to
keep your foot in the market door and hope for the best? Well no need to suffer
any longer the site has made some significant changes that will address some of
the major concerns of the professional seller including now offering web
listing as well as uploading multiple images at a time. This might seem like no
big deal to some but it actually signals a big change for Poshmark moving away
from the consumer to consumer based model to a more diversified mix of consumer
and business. The timing is impeccable and Poshmark is now perfectly positioned
to start syphoning away business from the big boys like Amazon and eBay. No way
right? Amazon and eBay own fashion. Well consider this people take fashion
seriously and want to shop in a store virtual or otherwise that specializes in fashion
and not everything under the sun from books to diapers sometimes simply less is
more desirable. Also consider some other market forces in play in particular
those currently affecting Amazon. Sure they are a juggernaut but the chinks in
the armor are evident. Have you done some comparison shopping recently? Chances
are Amazon is not winning the pricing battle anymore, after all they have
investors to answer to, not to mention their latest big investment in whole
paycheck oops I mean whole foods. If you look at the big picture for a moment, the
market has in general undergone a concentration into one or two major players a
model that is not sustainable and will sooner or later splinter. The key is to know
who’s ready to fill the gap and Poshmark looks like a good bet their brand awareness
is constantly growing (have you seen the USPS commercial with the logo on the
mail truck? Yea a few hundred times right?) a user friendly interface for the
buyer and the seller and most importantly a clear focus fashion and nothing
else. For the serious seller I would say that now is the time to take another
look at Poshmark. 

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