Pinning for Profits

Pinterest is definitely for
more than just cat pics and recipes. Do you have an eBay store? Maybe you have
a few hundred listings and want to drive more traffic to your store or maybe
just want a better way to spotlight your merchandise? Pinterest is a great way
to do both in a social environment and if implemented properly will inspire and
create all new fans and more importantly customers. Below are a few pointers to
creating an effective Pinterest page to drive more traffic to your eBay store.

1.Make sure that users can find your store– When creating a Pinterest
account it’s a good idea to keep the same name as your eBay store and be sure
to include a link to your eBay store.

2.Sell without selling– Selling boots and shoes? Your first thought
when thinking of a title for your board may be something like boots for sale
please resist this temptation. People tend to tune out when they think they are
just being sold something, it has to be more organic; pick a title that will
appeal but will not sound like a sales pitch. Also keep in mind that not every
picture on your board has to be an item you have for sale in fact its best to
mix it up. Intersperse with similar items for example a celebrity is wearing a
$10k pair of shoes that look just like a $500 pair you have for sale for $250
pin that pic.

3.A Picture is worth a thousand words– But a great picture could
be worth a sale, make sure that your items are presented in the best light
possible. Pictures need to be clear, well-lit and appealing.

4.Pin frequently but avoid pin dumping- The goal is to create a
fun interactive board that engages potential customers. Do not think of this as
a chore but as a fun break from the boredom of posting listings to eBay. Pin a
few of your items at a time maybe post a comment or two about the items such as
suggestions to pair the item with. Bring out your own personality and keep it
snappy and sassy.

5.Create multiple boards– let’s say you specialize in swimsuits, in
addition to creating a board of just swimsuits why not create a travel board of
exotic beach locations and sprinkle in a few of your swimsuit offerings to this
board as well?

6.Follow people who share the same interests- if you stumble over a user
pinning dozens of shoes a day, chances are this is a potential future customer.
Follow that user and remember this works both ways, this user can follow you
back and get inspiration and a pair of shoes to boot.

7.Be creative- This is a great opportunity to show off your
fashion sense and drive sales at the same time. Why not create a board of
outfits that you have created from your merchandise? Keep the spotlight on the
item you want to sell when that first item sells, be sure to change up the link
to the next item you want to sell from the outfit. 

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