Opportunity doesn’t come knocking twice

you ever get this bit of travel advice? If you’re going overseas stick a few
bills in your shoes, just in case you lose your wallet or your purse? It’s good
advice always have a backup! yea maybe not so great for the eventual recipient
of those bills that smell like feet but still overall it’s a good idea. This
blog entry is not about tips for traveling abroad, it’s about investing in
footwear for resale, right now before things start to get crazy and that could
happen at any minute in 2019.

our regular reseller readers will probably remember that we talked about the
looming trade war with
China last year and how resellers of liquidation merchandise can actually
benefit in the form of increased sales and higher profit margins. How does this
work? Simple the replacement cost of new merchandise from China is dramatically
higher because of the imposed tariff, your goods were not hit by the tariff
putting you at a competitive advantage. Now since our blog entry back in the
spring of 2018 the first few rounds of tariffs have been imposed and so far,
Joe and Jane Consumer have for the most part dodged the tariff bullet. The
tariffs have so far mostly hit categories like consumer electronics and
furniture, these may sting a bit but it’s still manageable, but the next round could
hurt a whole lot more.

next up on the China tariff docket? Clothing, sporting goods, accessories and
Footwear and this last one Is the really big deal. Why? Well, clothing is a
concern certainly, but not quite as big as footwear because 72% of all footwear
coming into the U.S. in 2017 came from China. It’s simply a staggering volume
of footwear and it could take years if not decades for the trade war to be
amicably resolved or more likely for manufacturers to relocate from China and
start-up production in another tariff-free country. Your average pair of
sneakers, heels, and boots are about to get a 25% price increase and retailers
are not going to be taking this bullet for Joe and Jane Consumer this time.
What this means for resellers is simple, you are poised to start raking in some
big profits on liquidated footwear but keep in mind if you dawdle you could run
the risk of being shut out. Remember there is only a finite supply of
tariff-free footwear in the secondary marketplace today and this will very
quickly dry up as soon as these new tariffs go into effect. Smart sellers will
start loading up now for the critical third and fourth quarters of 2019 and
will be the ones best positioned to reap the financial rewards.
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