One way to diversify your retail/E-commerce business, grow your customers and profits.

Ever talk to
an accountant or a financial advisor? Heck you have probably gotten this bit of
advice from financial talking heads on TV and it can be summed up in one word…
diversify! There’s a lot to be said for diversification in any type of business
and resale is no different. Whether you’re a grizzled veteran with years of
experience under your belt or a newbie just getting your feet wet, you probably
realize the importance of having a diverse product mix. What diversification
means to a reseller is a wider base of potential customers the more unique
items you carry the more potential buyers your bringing in.

Another way
to broaden your appeal Is to carry items or categories of items that complement
your core business. Say for example you specialize in women’s clothing, why not
also try out accessories as well? Sell your client the perfect belt or scarf to
complete that outfit. Now a lot of people are dissuaded from this strategy
because it’s out of their comfort zone or simply because of the expenditure not
knowing if it will sell or if it works for their business model.

Want a low
risk solution to this dilemma? Try a small wholesale lot. There are a lot of good arguments for trying out one of
these lots, let’s start with the number one reason dollars and cents. Just
starting out and don’t have a lot of cash to invest or perhaps you’re interested
in spreading out into another category and not sure if its right for you? Small
wholesale lots are a great option because of the low dollar cost with most lots
starting at just a few hundred dollars.

Want a few
more good reasons? How about the fact that they are all zero defect lots and what exactly does this mean zero defect? It
means 100% sellable merchandise all of these lots are visually inspected to
assure that the merchandise is free of damages and defects. In a hurry? Perhaps
you’re new to the site you saw a big lot you liked but since you have never
dealt with Foxliquiudation before you don’t know quite what to expect as far as
the quality. Our small wholesale lots are a great solution because these are all compiled from our standard shelf
pull lots and are shipped within one business day so you’re getting the same
type of goods you will get from our standard lots in a flash. Last but not
least all of our small wholesale lots have flat shipping cost to anywhere in
the continental United States. Want to build and keep growing your business?
Keep your customers engaged and coming back for more with a diverse mix of
goods and make it happen quickly and inexpensively with a small wholesale

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