One bite at a time

The new
year has arrived, and this is a big year because you have decided to take your
business to the next level by expanding your product offerings. Just one
sticking point, you have a few dozen options and are not sure which direction
is the right one for your business. It’s a common concern; resellers tend to
find a niche, be it a women’s, men’s or children’s apparel category and stick
to it like glue, not realizing they are closing the door on a world of
opportunities. Then there’s the money and space concern, you want to try
selling some new categories of merchandise, but you don’t have unlimited
storage space. Finding a home for a pallet in your garage or storefront is
always challenging, and money is definitely a concern. What is the solution
here? Remember that old expression about how to eat an elephant? One bite at a
time. This is also a great approach to testing the waters that a new category
of goods has to offer.

example, let’s say you sell women’s designer clothing primarily but are toying
with the idea of bringing in shoes or some seasonal items like swimwear. Why
not simply give both a try, Foxliquidation offers lot’s starting at just a few dozen pieces that
are both affordable and easy to store even with limited space. One of the best
ways to do a test run of a new product line is to give one of our small wholesale lots a
try. In addition to offering affordable pricing and flexibility in terms of
storage, these lots also ship fast, usually in one business day and are also
not subject to order minimums, so you are free to spend what you want on that
new line of goods for your business. Want to add some variety to your business
by adding some new product lines? The solution is to take it one bite at a

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