Now is the best time to start your business and fulfill your New Year’s resolution!

We recently talked about how
to start your own retail business
and the steps you should take to get up
and running, but it’s very easy to get hung up on the first step STARTING! Today
we want to provide some much needed encouragement!

It’s sad to say, most people will give up on their New Year’s
resolution by January 16, that’s only two weeks into the new year. Don’t be
that person, make a commitment and start your business NOW!

Getting started is often the most challenging part. There
are just too many unknowns and it is impossible to be ready for everything. Truth
of the matter most people overthink it. The Retail business is a fairly basic business
model, yet most people will never give
it a try. Don’t be your own enemy, don’t Wait until January 16th and
start your business now!

You may start asking yourself some questions; Is now the
right time? Am I prepared? am I ready to run my own business? A lot of very
intelligent people paralyze themselves into doing nothing because they
overthink and doing nothing is the safe option. Doing nothing will get you
nothing, sometimes you just have to dive in and do it! Noted life coach Tony
Robbins has a particularly appropriate quote that sums this idea up perfectly:

“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you
progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying,”

Get in there and start doing! Stop letting your doubts and fears
get in your way! Now is the BEST time to start a new business. Why now? There
are many very good reasons. We are in the midst of resurging economy and
consumers are spending. Supplies of merchandise are abundant and there are
great deals to be had right now, meaning great profits. Want more reasons? Its wintertime
which means less distractions, we are past the holiday season so you probably
have that extra time to commit to a new project like starting your own business.

Want a tip on staying focused? It’s very simple, start a list
of goals and start crossing them off. These goals should be small and achievable
to start; these smaller goals are the stepping stones to achieving those larger
goals. It’s like those new year’s resolutions people who succeed in their
resolutions set the goal and then work towards that goal gradually. Start to build on your successes. You will be
amazed at how rewarding this process is in lots of different ways. You are
setting goals and crossing them off, achieving a mental boost with every task

It’s time to get off the sidelines put that Netflix que on
hold and get started NOW!  

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