Know your tags!

What’s with
all these darn tags and what do they all mean? You got your most recent order
in and are trying to figure out what all these tags are and what are
you supposed to do with them all? There are
three main types of tags you will encounter with liquidation merchandise the
manufacture tag, retailer price tag and return tag. It’ important to note up
front that the retailer tag and return tag need to be removed before the item
is resold. If you are wondering why there are a few good reasons for this.
First off retailers are very protective of their brands value and don’t like
seeing their goods sold anywhere but their stores. They simply don’t want to
compete with smaller retailers selling their merchandise for a fraction of the
cost. Keep in mind that merchandise you purchase from us is sold at a
significant loss to the retailer.

Manufacturer tag
This is probably the most self-explanatory, the
manufacturer tag normally just lists basic info on the brand, model, color or
style. This is the only tag that should not be removed prior to resale of the


Retailer price tag
This typically lists the retailer’s name, brand, items MSRP, retail price, UPC code
and in the case of private label merchandise a unique internal company tracing
number. This unique internal company
tracing number also known as Customer Return Label is added separately on non-private
label items described below. This tag must be removed before resale and cannot
be used to promote the item for resale so do not photograph the item before
removing this tag.

Return tag / Customer
Return Label / Return Label
– this particular tag causes quite a bit of
confusion. This tag is used for returns
and allows the company to trace where the item was sold. This tag does not
indicate that the item is a Customer Return item. You may have just purchased a
shelf pull condition lot and see these
labels and wondered whether you received a customer return lot by
mistake? Well no, you did not so don’t panic. This tag is also used to
deactivate the item from the store’s inventory assuring that when the item is
liquidated it is not returned to a store. Again this tag needs to be removed prior
to resale.    

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