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There’s a clear focus on shoes now. And it’s been like this for the last couple of seasons. Take for instance this incident that took place a couple of seasons back. The British actress Helena Bonham Carter, who is best known for Fight Club, A Room with a View, The King’s Speech, and others was at the center of a Golden Globe shoe fiasco in 2011. She mismatched a pair of pumps deliberately. Naturally, a lot of attention was drawn to her feet.

But the scale of this wasn’t quite expected. In other words, nobody had thought that the fiasco would go on to become such a huge issue. Everybody began to question her taste in fashion. Helena was virtually hounded wherever she went. The UK Telegraph even commented that her Oscar appearance for the year will probably be a “catastrophe” as well.

Women’s designer shoes have probably never been in such a focus. The 2011 incident was a kind of a kick-starter. Shoes have managed to remain in focus since then. Other Hollywood starlets have also thrown in their bits. Many of them have come out with their own predictions on what would be the hot shoe fashions of the future. Kim Kardashian too offered her own insights. Here’s what she said.

Comfort will be a priority – Kim feels that women will value comfort above everything else. Comfortable styles are never going to go out of fashion, she says. Kim is probably right on this one.

Colors – Spicy colors are doing well, even though there’s good demand for natural colors. Kardashian believes that in the future, we are going to see more interesting colors.

No harsh chemicals – Hot women’s designer shoes of tomorrow won’t be treated by road salts and harsh chemicals. They are used often for managing the iciness of thoroughfares and major streets. Manufacturers will find a way to solve such issues without using such chemicals, Kim feels.

Retro fashions will work – She also says that “retro” is never going to go out of fashion. Women will always wear them. In fact, they will be complemented for the retro look. offers a range of wholesale designer shoes in different styles. You’ll find it all here, and that too from some of the biggest retail outlets. You’ll find kitten heels, wholesale flip flops, ballet flats, tall boots, sneakers, nude pumps, wedges, high heels and more. Just look at the manifest closely and read the description.

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