Just do it, some pointers on how to start small.

So it’s March and you’re ready to start up your business.
Maybe Uncle Sam was generous to you this tax season and you want to take that
tax refund and invest it in your business. That is a fantastic idea, take that
money and make it grow! But then a realization hits you, where can I put all this
stuff? The basement reached maximum capacity years ago and I can’t remember the
last time a car was actually in the garage. This is a very common issue for the
first time seller working from their home. Since you are just getting started
you also want to avoid the added expense of a storage unit or warehouse. So
what should you do? Sometimes it pays to start small and what we mean here is
to start with small items that don’t eat up too much of your precious space. So
what should you consider selling if space is limited? And what is the best way
to keep your business and personal space separate?

Swimwear– Now is
a perfect time to get into the swimwear category with the season just kicking
off. This category is a great option for those with limited storage space, these
items are small and very easy to store. A standard size lot of around 300 units
can fit comfortably into virtually any sized closet. Don’t procrastinate on this category! Even though there is snow outside, buyers are
already on the lookout for swimwear and these lots sell out fast!

Jewelry– no
worries on finding a home for these items either, most of our Jewelry lots can fit
snugly in a dresser drawer. Boxes are small and easy to repack into storage
bins and sort by type so you don’t have to go crazy clearing out your spare
bedroom to make space for these items either.

Intimates– The
biggest bulkiest thing in most of these lots is a pair of bedroom slippers, a robe or a PJ set. The majority of these lots will consist of
items like bra’s and underwear which can very easily be stored in their
original boxes or condensed down and sorted into easily stackable storage bins.

Hosiery, socks,
– Another good option if
space is limited, you can normally fit a few hundred items into a very small
storage space and still not have to worry about inventory interfering with your
everyday life.

Health and Beauty
while you will see the occasional bulkier items like your vanity magnifying
mirrors (don’t worry these sell fast!) the bulk of these items are going to be
cosmetic items that can very easily be tucked away until it’s time to ship them

Small lots– if
you had your heart set on selling women’s designer, shoes or some other
category that’s not a problem. You can still easily find many smaller lots
consisting of a few dozen pieces that you can easily find a home for in your
home no matter how limited your space is.

Keeping your business
and personal space separate it’s all about organization!
– Organization is the
key, especially when your workspace is limited. Invest some time into creating
a storage system and you will save yourself a lot of effort and storage space
with well-organized inventory. A lot of savvy sellers will simply pre-pack (don’t
seal until its sold!) and label their goods. With the majority of these
previously mentioned categories, this is simply a matter of packing the item
into a padded mailer or small box, tagging the envelope and pack it away in a
storage bin until it’s time to ship.

Don’t let lack of storage space hold you back from selling.
With a little bit of organization and the right goods, you can get your
business started no matter how limited your space is. 

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