Its winter so let’s talk swimwear?

So we are now in the midst of the winter months and summer swimsuit
season feels a long way off. So why are we bringing up swimwear now? For a lot
of reasons and even if you have never considered trying out this category
before its definitely worth a second look. It’s very easy to overlook it or dismiss
it outright as an option. While a lot of sellers may think this is a very
seasonal category they may not realize just how long that season actually is.

Swimwear selling in the Summer and Winter!

Swimwear season traditionally kicks off in late February
early March. Why so early? It’s still freezing in most of the country! Yes,
that’s true but you have to consider a few key variables. First off; mid-winter
vacations, when everyone at home is freezing their buns off your laying on a
tropical beach. Sound familiar? Look around your office, in February and you
will see the evidence right in front of you, the mid-winter tan is always a
telltale sign. Second is the annual migration of 20 something’s to those same
tropical destinations commonly known as spring break. Last there are plenty of
year-round locations were summer is virtually permanent like Florida and
California you can count on these two states for year-round sales. Starting to get the picture? Be ready by late February and
watch as those sales steadily increase until about August-September when they
normally drop off as we get further into the fall season. That’s 7 to 8 good
months of solid sales, that’s a fairly large window of opportunity for a seller
to take advantage of. Starting early helps because now you have the best mix of
lots to choose from and getting them in and listed right as the season kicks
off is a surefire way of grabbing those early sales. Remember that it will takes a couple of weeks
for you to receive your order and you will need time to process incoming
inventory. DO NOT procrastinate,
purchase swim wear now! Set yourself up for a successful 2018!

Storing Swimwear is EASY!

Do you have limited storage space? Working out of your home
or apartment and don’t have anywhere to fit bulkier items like coats or
bedding? Swimwear lots are small and very easy to store a standard size lot of
around 300 units can fit comfortably into a closet or be repacked into several
small storage bins. Swimwear is not
gentle, it’s made to withstand harsh seas and sporting activities, no need to
put each item on the hanger or bubble wrap when shipping!

Shipping Swimwear is cheap and simple!

Every selling platform talks about free shipping and how
much customers love it. Great for the customer not so much for the seller
paying for it. With swimwear you can offer free shipping all day without going
broke or padding your sale price because these items are light! Figure your
average swimsuit weighs around 4 to 6 ounces you can ship first class mail and
not worry about breaking the bank. Want more shipping perks? Let’s talk packing,
nothing special required bubble mailer and you are done with no worries about

Swimwear one of the great overlooked categories that may
surprise you so dive into the waters and soon because things will be heating up
sooner than you think. 

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