It’s a weighty matter

Weights and shipping are a big concern when shopping for
liquidation merchandise. Shipping costs can severely impact your bottom line,
and you have to make sure you’re doing everything you can to minimize these
costs. Every dollar spent on shipping is a dollar less you can put into your
pocket at the end of the day. Have you ever had this shipping dilemma? One
where you found a lot that seems perfect, but the cost of shipping is as much
as 30-50% of the lot price? You are not alone if this has happened to you; in
fact, it happens so often that I felt the need to address this issue head-on
and explain both the problem and the solution. Because a lot is inexpensive
does not necessarily mean it will be economical to ship. Certain categories
like Bedding and Bath, General Merchandise, Holiday Décor, Kitchenware, Napkins
and Glassware often have lots priced at less than $1000 that can cost as much
as 30-50% of the cost of the lot or greater to ship. In general, these
categories contain items that can be bulky and heavy. Bigger and bulkier means
fewer items packed per pallet, driving down the total value of that lot. If
these items are heavy, this can also drive up the cost to ship them, especially
if they are being shipped long distances. Fewer items equals less value, and
weightier items mean higher shipping costs, getting the picture? Now for the
solution and it’s all about shopping smart. If you specialize in any of the
category’s we previously mentioned or are just thinking about giving one of
these a try, keep this one word in mind CONSOLIDATE! The key to minimizing your
shipping costs is consolidation. Buying multiple pallets from the same location
at the same time reduces your overall shipping costs. More than 60% of the cost
of shipping is associated with that first pallet of goods you purchase. Each
additional lot purchased adds a small faction to your total cost for shipping,
and that’s more items that you can spread the cost of shipping out over on. If you are shopping for those frequently
bulky or heavy categories of merchandise like Bedding and Bath, General
Merchandise, Holiday Décor, Kitchenware, Napkins and Glassware consolidate
those orders buy two or three lots at a time. You will save yourself time and
most importantly put some more dollars in your pocket at the end of the day. Still confused about shipping and how it
works? Watch our video on shipping tips
and best practices or reach out to us at 1-888-808-4934 or via our live chat
found on Remember we are the shipping pros and are here to
assist with any of your needs.

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