Is Freight Delivery a concern? Don’t be concerned!

Delivery is a big concern,
especially if it’s your first-time purchasing liquidation merchandise. It’s
very common to agonize over a purchase because you are concerned about the
delivery question. Most people incorrectly assume that delivery to a residential
address is going to be a problem, maybe thinking they need special equipment,
or they are worried about a delivery truck being able to fit down their street.
You don’t need any special equipment and don’t stress yourself out on this
point; A delivery should never be a concern because we can get anything
delivered anywhere! So, you are ready to purchase your first lot of liquidation
merchandise and its coming to your home. What do you need to do to prepare? Get
some safety cones to block traffic on your street? Maybe get a safety vest on
and direct traffic? No, total overkill, your delivery driver will have come and
gone by the time you place your first cone. Most deliveries take less than 5
minutes to residential or commercial addresses. Remember these delivery drivers
are professionals, they do this all day, every day and they know their
business. Their goal is to get that order delivered to you safely and fast. So
what do you need to know and how should you prepare? If this is the first time
receiving a freight delivery to your residential address, the first thing is to
expect a call from the carrier. This call happens 24 hours before delivery, and
they will want to schedule a delivery appointment. Normally the carrier will
want to bring out the delivery the next business day, but you do have some
flexibility on this. If it’s a Tuesday and you want them to deliver your order on
Thursday, they can normally accommodate you just ask when they call. Their next
question is the delivery time, and this is normally a 4-hour window but in some
cases the window can be 8 hours. Be sure you are home for that entire appointment window! You can also ask scheduler to have driver
call you ahead of time. This typically
works but drivers are busy and have been known to forget to call ahead. Do not
plan on running a quick errand while you wait because that’s exactly when the
driver will pull up with your delivery and you don’t want to miss them just
hang tight and wait. What you should do while you are waiting is to review your
manifest, note the pallet and box count because you want to check this when the
delivery driver arrives with your order.

Depending on your street and
your home the driver will either back up into your driveway with the truck or
stop curbside to offload the pallets. If you have a wide driveway that can
easily accommodate a delivery truck be sure to move your vehicles and remove
any other obstructions from your driveway. Finally, the driver will offload
your pallet by lowering it to the ground with the liftgate and move the pallet
with a pallet jack. If you want the pallet dropped inside your shed or garage,
they can normally accommodate you, provided that it’s a paved surface. Review
the pallet and piece count and signoff once you are sure all the pallets and
boxes are all received. Please note any shortages on the paperwork and contact
us immediately in the event of a shortage.

Pretty easy right? Schedule the
appointment, be there, review your manifest and finally check your order and
signoff once the delivery is completed. Was that anything you needed to be
worried about? Of course not it’s far easier than you might expect because
deliveries are nothing to be concerned about.       

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