Inventory alerts done In sixty seconds 

Want to make your life
a whole lot easier in 2020? Sure, who doesn’t, and the best part is that it
will save you hours of research and take you less than 60 seconds to do it. I
am, of course, talking about setting up your Foxliquidation inventory alerts. Now
I can hear our regular readers probably groaning and saying, “this again??” I
know you are sick to death of hearing this from us, but it’s so important that
it bears repeating. Your business needs inventory, and the best inventory is
often snatched up within minutes. You cannot spend all day waiting for new lots
to arrive, so instead, save yourself some time and effort by setting up your
inventory alerts.

This is one of
foxliquidation’s most potent site features as it literally does all the work of
searching for you. Inventory alerts are the email notifications you receive
whenever a new lot that fits your search criteria is added to the site, and
these alerts are fully customizable. You can create a general search that
alerts you when items are added in one or multiple categories, or you can
create an alert for lots that fit specific criteria like condition, season, or

Simply create those
inventory alerts for your preferred category and condition and just wait for
those email alerts to start coming in. Setting up your alerts is as easy as 1,
2, 3

1.Login to your

2.Perform a search
using the wholesale lot filter

3. Save that search as
an alert.

Are you getting too
many or too few alerts? You can always fine tune your inventory alerts later
and see what works best for you and your business.

2019 was a fantastic
year for Foxliquidation, we saw so many new businesses grow and thrive by
buying and selling liquidation merchandise, and we want to keep helping you
grow your business in the new year. All you have to do is use this vital tool
to save yourself hours of work. The best part is that it will take you just
seconds to do. 

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