If you think 2017 was a great year for sellers, just wait till 2018 gets here!

Now that we are nearing the end of 2017, let’s pause and
reflect for a moment on the past year. It’s been a pretty good year for the
U.S. economy. With record low unemployment
and skyrocketing consumer confidence we have seen some real spending frenzies
not experienced for some time this holiday season. According to a report released by Mastercard
this week retail sales in the all-important 4th quarter grew by 4.9%
overall, the largest year over year increase since 2011. Internet retail posted
some impressive numbers as well, with sales jumping nearly 20% over 2016. What
this means for sellers like you is steady and continued sales increase.

It’s important to understand that a healthy economy also
means strong demand throughout the entire year, so you do not have to rely on Holiday
season sales to keep your business profitable. What we are saying is, don’t plan on a slow down
after the holidays. Remember there are a
lot of shoppers now armed with gift cards, clients looking to exchange unwanted
gifts or just those folks that need a perfect gift for themselves that they
didn’t get this holiday season.

Are you a born pessimist? You may be thinking, well this
party’s not going to last! With reselling liquidation, there’s only two states
of your sales steady and strong. Liquidation is profitable no matter the state
of the economy.

Consumer goods like clothing and accessories are essentially
recession proof. Consumers while they may cut back on certain high dollar items
during an economic slowdown will always need staples like apparel and
experienced sellers understand this. What pros who specialize in liquidation
merchandise also understand is that a downturn is a great opportunity to expand
their business. When the economy is bumpy consumers start paying more and more
attention to that price tag making your liquidated goods even more appealing. In the event of economic downturn, most
costumers will look for deals on eBay and Amazon as opposed to traditional high
cost retailers. If you are a seller on these market places and resell
liquidation merchandise, you are set to profit regardless of the economic cycle.
What can we expect in 2018? My crystal ball is on the fritz right now, but I
think it’s a pretty safe bet that the strong consumer confidence we experienced
this year is going nowhere. Best of all you are prepared no matter what the
future brings because you are in the recession proof business of selling

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