How Much Time Should You Invest In Blogging

Managing a wholesale apparel business takes a lot of time. But in spite of this, many entrepreneurs would spend considerable time in blogging. Its part of their marketing strategy and it’s a good one too. In fact, blogging plays a key role in branding the clothing line, and it informs the customers and potentials about everything on offer. This is a great way of improving the search engine presence and generating a constant flow of traffic as well. Search engine robots will keep visiting your blog because you are uploading fresh content all the time. That’s great news.

Here are some common complaints for not blogging enough…

  • Lack of time – This can be a real issue. Blogging is a continuous process, and so it can take a lot of time. Many entrepreneurs feel that it’s taking far too long. But it’s still necessary, and thus it is important to take the time out for blogging.
  • Lack of topics – After a while, it might seem like all possible topics have been covered. But the reality is that, you can keep writing for almost forever. You can write on the latest news about wholesale shoes, latest fashion trends, and even describe the products you are offering. By doing this, you’ll never have a dearth of topics to write on.

The fact is that, fashion blogging is more than a hobby. It is almost a full-time job in itself. So entrepreneurs might want to employ somebody for this. Of course they can outsource the work too.

But if you want to do it yourself, then make sure that you are posting fresh content every week. You must write about the designer bedding and other products regularly. Ideally you should be posting at least two to times a week. Weekdays or the weekend doesn’t matter. The more the better! There can never be a situation where you are writing more content than what you need.

So if you are writing two to three blog posts in a week, then that is going to take you a maximum of five hours or so over five days, which comes to just an hour a day. That’s not a lot of time spent on blogging about wholesale shoes, clothes, jewelry, wholesale bedding and others. You should definitely give this much time to blogging about your wholesale apparel business.

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