How “Fast Fashion” Is Changing Product Shelf-Life

Could you find the complete range of maxi dresses at your favorite boutique store, that you saw at the runway show just a month back? Probably not! Welcome to “fast fashion”. It’s among the latest fashion industry trend that some retail outlets from across the world have popularized.

Fashion items these days are moving at what’s being described as “warp speed”. Everything is moving really fast – from the process of creation or design to manufacturing to distribution to retail. What was once a stable three-month production cycle, has virtually collapsed to just a couple of weeks.

Traditionally, only the well-heeled and the slender urban fashionistas were able to access “on-trend” clothing. But now, a much broader audience is able to access the same clothes, and that too at bargain prices. A design idea, cribbed from a Paris runway show, is making it to the racks of NYC in many sizes in less than a month. That’s speed. What’s remarkable about fast fashion is that, these new styles and designs are arriving every day on the retail floor. Merchandise is really moving fast.

Customers aren’t complaining. They are able to access the hottest clothing easily. They are veering away from costly branded apparel to inexpensive fast-moving fashion merchandise. Many of them aren’t minding all that much even if it falls apart in the washing machine. It’s cheap after all. They are just moving on to the next hot piece they can find. And even then, they are saving money at the end, because it’s cheap unbranded clothing.

What It Means for the Wholesale Business

If you want to do business with wholesale designer clothing for cheap, then you should be happy. That’s because you’ll have access to a lot more merchandise.

With new styles and designs arriving everyday on the floor, the retail stores are just packing them up and storing away so that they can accommodate the new stock. But there’s still a latent demand for the goods that have been packed away. Most consumers won’t visit the store immediately, after seeing them at runaway shows. If they see their friends wear something hot, they’ll look for the same styles at the outlets.

This means that, queries keep pouring in, even after the retailer has moved the stock.

That’s precisely where you can gain from wholesale liquidation. You can buy wholesale designer clothing for cheap that we source from some of the top retailers, and keep selling them from your store. Here at, you’ll get your wholesale liquidation goods at a discount of 70%-95%.

Don’t worry, there’s still a demand for them, even with fast fashion around.

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