Home is where the sales are

While it may not feel like it, at
the end of a long day’s work most Americans are spending a lot more of their
time at home than in previous decades. That old expression “home is where the
heart is.” becomes truer every year. What’s behind this sea change in lifestyle?
Technology is by far the biggest contributing factor to this trend. Technology
has allowed Americans to stay home and never leave their home. Need entertainment?
You have the internet and Netflix. Need some clothes or groceries? Order it
online and have it delivered. Just add a telecommuting job into the mix and you
can literally never leave the house if you don’t want to! Any entrepreneur will
quickly realize that more time spent at home also means more dollars spent on
the home. If people are spending more time at home, they want to make it as
comfortable and inviting as possible. So if you are looking to capitalize on
this long-term trend you should probably consider specializing in one or more
of the following categories we are about to discuss.

Bedding and bath– We have to start in the bedroom
and before your mind goes in the gutter we are talking about sleeping. While
few of us actually sleep the recommended 8 hours a day that we are supposed to,
it’s still a huge portion of our lives. Consumers want beauty, functionality, comfort
and they are willing to spend to get it. Bedding items command a high premium
and they are never out of season with year-round demand. The bathroom to many
is their private spa hideaway. It’s were they go to relax, treat themselves to
their beauty regimen, enjoy a hot shower or bath and generally pamper
themselves. They need all the essentials for these rituals, like; plush cotton
towels, robes and other bathroom accessories to complete the look and feel of
their personal spa.

Kitchenware– When not sleeping and not on the
web your average consumer is probably spending the next biggest chunk of time in
the kitchen. Home cooking is back in a big way. How many TV shows,
channels and websites are devoted to home cooking? It seems endless at
this point. One of many reasons for this revival in home cooking is health
concerns. Food allergies and dietary restrictions are making the home cooked
meal a far more attractive option, after all, you know exactly what’s in it
because you made it. With the rise of ready to cook meal services like Blue
Apron and Hello Fresh it’s become a lot easier for even the
inexperienced cook to get their pots dirty so to speak in the kitchen. People
always need to eat and they will always need those kitchen essentials to put food
on the table.

Napkins Glassware– This category goes hand in hand
with Kitchenware, after all people need plates and utensils to eat their home
cooked meal! This category covers your everyday cutlery and china as
well as your special occasion entertaining essentials, after all the home cook
likes to show off their skills every once in a while, to their friends and

Home design and Furniture– Your palace cannot be complete
unless you have the right furniture and lighting. The home design category is
filled with must have chairs, lights, rugs and other accent pieces to complete the
hideaway you spend so much of your time in. 

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