High-end retailers can no longer ignore second-hand

Neiman Marcus is not a
store that you would commonly associate with second-hand goods, but it very
soon may be. Neiman Marcus is not planning on selling second hand in store just
yet, they are simply buying second-hand thru their new partnership with Fashionphile
an e-commerce platform which specializes in the resale of pre-owned luxury
goods such as handbags, jewelry, and other accessories. The concept is
straightforward Neiman wants to help their customers turn their gently loved
luxury goods into cash which in theory they can then spend instore on new
purchases. To some, it may seem like a potentially risky play with the brand’s
image and prestige but it’s actually a savvy way to entice in a younger

Neiman Marcus’s core
consumer is in the 50+ age range and they want to bring that number down. The
idea is that Neiman can potentially persuade a younger consumer to come in and
shop if given some incentive in the form of trading in that old luxury handbag
for cash in order to spend on this seasons model. Now this may seem like not a
big deal to some but it’s actually a backchannel way for Neiman Marcus to get a
foothold into the rapidly growing and lucrative secondary market with minimal
exposure to its core business. They are essentially now buying and selling
secondhand just with a few degrees of separation.

Neiman Marcus sells
secondhand so what? What’s this got to do with me? This is just further
evidence that the secondary retail market is in a period of rapid expansion and
that established players can no longer turn a blind eye to it. We are talking
about a highly prestigious luxury retailer getting into the secondary market of
consumer goods. That means there’s a lot of money at stake for a company like
Neiman Marcus to venture into the field.

Want to get in on this
action? As a reseller, you have access to these same type’s of luxury goods
from foxliquidaion.com. Still wondering if there’s money to be made in customer
return condition merchandise? the answer is yes, and in particular in the high-end
luxury goods. Look at Foxliquidation’s offerings in categories like Designer Purse, High End Designer, Closeout Jewelry these are all categories containing
high-end luxury goods that consumers are shopping for and willing and able to
pay premium prices for even in second-hand condition. The secondary market for
consumer goods is no passing phase and there is a lot of profit to be made,
especially if luxury retailers are willing to risk their brand’s prestige to
get into the action. 

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