Handbag trends for 2018

The Handbag industry has seen some very dramatic changes in
recent years. The competition has been fierce, well established industry
heavyweights have had their sales battered by missing out on consumer trends
and there’s been plenty of fresh faces in the market ready to pick up the
slack. So what is going on in the handbag world these days? Well there are a
few key trends you as a seller need to know to deliver just what your customer

Bags are brighter and funkier- Gucci has done a superb job in
recent years tapping into younger consumers. Roughly 50% of Gucci’s sales in
2017 came from consumers younger than 35. What’s the appeal? Certainly not
affordability! Your bare bones starter bag will set you back roughly a grand!
The appeal is they are marketing some very far out fashions. Their designs are
wild and very colorful they definitely stand out from the crowd and that’s just
what this younger consumer wants! Remember it’s a form of self-expression and
this under 30 crowd are willing to save up and splurge on these high-priced
eye-catching bags. The big takeaway here is; fun and funky is definitely in
these days in the handbag world.

The logo is back- remember the 90’s? the decade that spawned
fashion trends like the mom jeans, vests, flannels, the layered look and of
course the big bold logo. Manufactures were strutting their logo stuff loud and
proud in the 90’s but by the late 90’s tastes had changed, and the bold logo
look was considered tacky and passé. Fast forward roughly two decades and its
back again! The bold logo look is everywhere and just as unapologetically
self-promoting as ever.

Everything old is new again- so in addition to the return of the
logo look, a lot of other styles of yesteryear are being revived and updated.
The Box clutch has made its reappearance after lying dormant since the late
50’s as have many other classic top handle purse styles. They are ranging in
sizes from the petite to oversized and usually in some pretty wild colors. If
you lived thru the 90’s please sit down and brace yourself before reading
further… the much reviled fanny pack is also back! Scary right? Well don’t be
too alarmed its far less obnoxious than it used to be. For starters, it’s being
rebranded as a belt bag. The fanny or belt bag is not just around the waist
anymore its waist or crossbody, and it’s not those synthetic materials anymore
its now leather for the most part. Your big players like Louis Vuitton, Chanel,
Gucci and Marc Jacobs all have their own versions of the much-maligned trend
from the late 80’s early 90’s.

There are a few trends that don’t seem to be losing steam- While
we have looked at a few of the right now trends there are a few styles and
trends that seem to be holding steady in the fashion world. For starters,
crossbody bags are still in, as is the bucket bag. The fringe and woven bag
look is still holding strong this year and the push towards bigger bags in
general remains.

Before you purchase- The handbag category is a very lucrative business, and many high-end brands are available in limited supplies. Fortunately, we can offer designer bags at a significant discount. A couple of important facts we need to review.

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After a few tumultuous years, the handbag industry is now
starting to see a renaissance of sorts as brands have finally begun adapting to
younger consumers changing tastes. The industry has begun to reinvigorate some
styles of years past breathing some new and energetic life into some timeless

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