Few common questions before your first order.

Prices that are below wholesale

So you found Fox Liquidation and you like what you see.
Whether you are an experienced retailer or perhaps a novice entrepreneur just
looking to get started, we have the goods that you need for your business. But
then the big question is, how does this work? We get this all the time and this
one question usually leads to these questions, What payment forms do you
accept? Should I pay in full or reserve? How do I know the payment was
received? Well today just the bare bones basics on payment what you need to
know to get that merchandise that you need.

It’s not sold until its paid for- First off no lot is sold
until either a deposit is made or full payment is received, meaning the lot can
go to another client if payment is not received in a timely manner. So what can
you do to avoid this? Well for starters do a reservation this can be done with
a credit card or PayPal you would just need to do a 15% deposit. Be 100% sure
before you place an order and pay for deposit because if you change your mind this
deposit is not refundable.

Now let’s cover payment options:

Bank Deposit– One of the easiest and fastest ways to make a
payment is by bank deposit which can be done at any Wells Fargo branch, simply
make the deposit into our business account and the funds transfer usually same
day and best of all it’s no charge to you.

Bank Wire– Don’t have a Wells Fargo near you? Use your own
bank and do a wire transfer. These are inexpensive usually around $20-$30 and
normally take about a day to clear. For international wires this can take a bit
longer 2 to 3 days, so if possible its best to reserve the lots with a 15%
deposit using your PayPal verified account.

Credit Card/PayPal– This is the fastest form of payment,
however you do need to be aware of a few restrictions. You can use your credit
card or PayPal to do either a reservation or pay for your purchase in full
provided that the order is under $2000. While you can reserve any shelf pull or
customer return lot with CC or PayPal, in the event the lot is a customer return
lot the balance of payment must be made by either wire or deposit. Purchases
with a credit card are charged a 3% premium, however, this does not apply to deposits
made by a credit card. First time ordering? We will need a credit card
authorization form filled out it’s an additional protective step to discourage
unauthorized credit card usage.

ACH payments– this payment form is similar to bank wire, its
usually a bit cheaper however they can also be a bit slow to process average
time is usually about 3 days. If you are selecting to make a payment by ACH, it
is advised that you do this in conjunction with a 15% CC PayPal deposit.

Behalf– We accept payments
from Behalf which offers short term financing with flexible repayment
terms to small and medium sized U.S. based businesses. These payments are usually
received within 24 hours similar to a bank wire in most respects.

Now that you paid what’s the next question?

Did you get the payment???- First question that
we hear after you sent in a payment, did you get it? and is that lot mine yet?
Well you will be alerted by email as soon as the payment is received, what you
need to look out for is an email saying your order status is set to awaiting
fulfillment. If you feel like it’s taking forever for your order to be updated
to awaiting fulfillment do not hesitate to contact us!

Now that you know the ground rules go get shopping and get
on the way to selling success!

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