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Jewelry is one of the few things
that never go out of style in the world of fashion. No matter how
causal fashion may become there will always be a little bit of room for a
little bit of bling. It’s that finishing touch, the cherry on top so to speak
from necklace, bracelet or earrings that takes a good outfit and gives it that
extra wow factor. So what is wowing consumers these days? What do you as a
seller need to be aware of to keep your customers happy? For starters, bigger the
better, in 2018, bold statement pieces are the thing in necklaces and earrings
but also bright colors, not to mention a few throwbacks to years past. So let’s
not get distracted by the shiny objects here and jump in and see what’s hot in
jewelry for 2018.

Something old and new in earrings-
let’s start with the new and that’s supersized earrings. Earrings this year are
big and long often combining hoops and tassels into bold statement pieces.
Another interesting subsection of the big bold earing look is the single lobe
or the asymmetrical earing look. Again it is large and flashy, often
incorporating geometric shapes and bright colors. Now for the old
pearls, they are back but with a few minor alterations and a bit more pizzazz.
Chain or hoop drop pearl earrings are big as are any nontraditional uses of the
pearl. Nektar de Stagni a leading designer in contemporary jewelry has a
whimsical line of spike covered pearl earrings that perfectly encapsulates the
current mood for pears. Consumers want them, they just don’t want them to look
like grandma’s pearls.

Color and colorless- So what is
hot? Bold colors and also no color. Allow me to explain, this year vibrant colors
are everywhere! Big bright colored earrings, rings with colored stones,
enameled bracelets, in short, every color of the rainbow is in! But there’s
also another trend to follow this year, and that’s the transparent trend. Yes,
there is just one word I want to say to you, and that word is plastics.
Transparent plastics can be seen everywhere in the form of Lucite bracelets,
earrings and necklaces clearly a trend to watch.

Old looks are in- Grandma’s jewelry
may not be in, but great grandma’s and older is very much in demand.
Victorian era inspired jewelry like cameo’s, brooches and lockets have
reemerged as have some far older looks think medieval and gothic inspired
pieces with embellishments like crests, lions, and stags anything that gives
the feel of power and authority. Trying to reach the millennials and the gen Z
crowd? Ethnic and tribal-inspired pieces are the big thing with this age

All the rules are out the window-
so this year we have modern being paired up with the old and ancient. To put it
another way, it’s like the 90’s and the 1490’s are meeting up and deciding they
can probably work together and make a bold fashion statement. Yes, anything
goes in 2018 so don’t be afraid of outlandish pairings as this year it’s totally

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