Ebay’s Spring Seller Update the good news and the bad

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Does time fly
or what? It feels like just yesterday we were covering the fall seller update,
all done removing that active content yet? If not, get on it no time like the
present. So its spring and eBay is rolling out a new list of changes for
sellers, so let’s dig in and see what you need to know for spring of 2017.

The good news

Third party product listing ads are
– Personally this
one was always a head scratcher to me, your selling ads that take your
customers off eBay? Sure its revenue but your undermining your core business! Well they will be gone soon and good riddance
look for these to disappear May 1st.

Increased shipping supplies coupons– have an anchor store? Well then your
quarterly coupon is going to be getting a bit better, its value is increasing
from $75 to $150 (starting April 1st). At this point it might be a good idea to talk
about these coupons briefly. if you have a store of any level then you are
getting these coupons and it’s a use them or lose them deal. Sure the selection
is somewhat limited and the prices are a bit high but it’s essentially free packing
materials so take it and use it.

Top rated sellers getting new ad
– Top rated
sellers are getting a $30 quarterly credit to be used for promoting listings think
google adwords for eBay.

More advanced shipping tools– Coming this summer its basically customized
rates based on your proximity to your buyer’s location plus greater customization
on your work days and cutoff times.

More ad dollars are going towards
increasing site traffic

Yes eBay will be pumping more cash into promoting the site and drawing in new
customers just don’t ask how they are paying for this(hint they aren’t you are
with what they are taking away!).

Now the bad news

Final value fees are going up– FVF are going up in several key
categories rates range from 4% on most consumer electronics up to 9.15% on
categories like clothing, shoes and accessories. While this may sting a bit,
it’s not going to put anyone out of business the increase on most categories is
less than a ¼ of a percent increase.

Top rated plus final value fee
discount slashed

This is by far the worst hit the discount is being cut from 20% to 10% and this
also seems like a huge blunder by eBay. Dropping this discount will make a lot
of sellers think twice about busting their humps to meet eBay’s ridiculous
standards for top rated plus. This could potentially mean longer processing
times and shorter return windows neither of which eBay or their customers want.

Tougher top rated plus standards– Not only is eBay slashing the
incentive but they are tightening the standards. Sellers will be required to upload valid shipment tracking
within the stated handling time for at least 95% of your transactions up from

What’s the
takeaway from this seasons round of changes? Well it’s a few new shiny bells
and whistles and a few token freebees in exchange for taking away most of the
incentive for maintaining top seller status. Look eBay I get it your loosing
revenue by ending third party product listing ads and have to make up the loss
somewhere else but to take it from the top seller final value fee discount
seems to just be asking for trouble. I am willing to bet we see a quick flip
flop on this slash when they realize just how many sellers will decide to just
say no to chasing top seller status.

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