Digging into your eBay store

Do you have an eBay store? Most retailers do, these days
free listings promotions are a thing of the past and it gets expensive quickly
if you pass over your quota of free listings with your basic account. So most
people are probably look into perks associated with an eBay store; more free
listings, discounted final value fees and the coupons for packing materials but
how much time have you invested in creating your eBay store? It’s there you’re
paying for it and it’s a useful selling tool if utilized properly. So what are
some of the basic steps that you can take to turn this tool into a sales machine?

Naming your store- this is probably the most commonly overlooked
point when creating an eBay store. So back when you first signed up for that
store whether it was last month or 5 years ago you gave it a name maybe just
your user name or something random. Now ask yourself a question does this name
tell your potential customer anything about your business? If you specialize in
active wear or swimwear don’t you think it would be helpful if you explained
that in your stores name?

Branding the store- This picks up where we left off on point
one, you now have a store name that tells the potential customer what they can
expect from your store now finish telling your story with a detailed
description of your store. Create your own logo or banners it’s really not as
difficult as you might think.

Store categories are essential- If you specialize in a
number of categories, it help to create your own store categories that best
help your customers what they are looking for.If you have not taken the time to
create categories for your store you will have default eBay categories which
may not best describe your merchandise. If you have a few hundred or perhaps
thousands of items how is a person supposed to find an item without flipping
thru every page of your listings? Create store categories you can have up to
300 but it’s not necessary to use all 300 especially if your specializing in a
particular category of goods. Try and stick to category names that match
existing eBay categories as this will make it less confusing to your potential

Urnuts if you are not using your URL- a good percentage of
sellers do not have their own website it’s a time and money investment that you
may not want to make. So how do you direct people to your store? Well with your
store you have a dedicated URL which you can and should start using especially
when it comes to social media. Do you use Facebook, Pinterest or twitter? Put
that URL on your pins on your Facebook and in your twitter feed your creating
that trail of breadcrumbs that potential shoppers can follow back to your

Search engine optimization- This is an important part in
bringing attention to your store. People are looking for the goods you sell but
they may not necessarily start their search on eBay usually this search begins
with one of your basic web search engines like google. The goal here is to draw
attention to your store using relevant keywords to the merchandise that you are
offering. You can load keywords onto your stores homepage and your categories
be sure to load them up but make sure they are relevant.

There are loads of other tools that your store offers so
once you have tackled these explore some of the other features and better
understand this powerful sales tool at your disposal. Again you are paying for
it might as well use It! 

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