Consumers are now down with a discount.

Internet retail has played a huge
role in reshaping the traditional retail landscape. Despite its disruptive
effect, there is still one category of retail not only immune but thriving and
growing. What’s even better is, it’s a sound business model that any aspiring
entrepreneur interested in opening their own retail establishment can easily
replicate if you have the know-how and the right merchandise. We are talking
about discount retailers and there is a lot of evidence that discount brick and
mortar retailers will continue to thrive in this internet age.

Consider a few of the industry’s
leading players in the off-price retail world like TJ Maxx and Ross. These two
have not been struggling or feeling the internet pinch, in fact both are
turning profits and growing their physical footprint rapidly with hundreds of
new store openings planned for this year alone. The reason for their success is
multifold but can be condensed down to a few key factors. For starters, no
matter how good the economy is consumers are always on the hunt for a great
deal. These retailers can deliver these great deals by specializing in
manufacture overstock or overstock from other leading retailers. Second, your
leading internet retailers are not exactly targeting these types of bargain
hunter shoppers. Sure, they may have some compelling seasonal promotions, but
that leaves the rest of the year open for these consumers to hunt store racks
and shelves at secondary market retailers for bargain deals. There is one more
reason that is a bit harder to quantify, it is the physical and emotional
experience of shopping. Sure shopping in a store is not for everyone, and you
can get virtually anything you want online, but it’s also a very unemotional
experience. You can see it, but not touch it, you can visualize how it might
look and feel on you, but won’t know until you purchase and receive the item.
Think that shopping in a physical store is outdated? Amazon would beg to defer,
why else would the world’s largest internet retailer be opening physical

So we have explored the how’s and
why’s of the secondary market retailer’s success but now let’s look at why you,
the independent entrepreneur should consider this off-price brick and mortar
retail model. If you have ever dreamed about owning and running your own retail
shop now is the perfect time to do it. Let’s look at some of the market
conditions working in your favor. The United States continues to enjoy a long
period of prosperity and consumers are spending. Combine this with a weak
retail rental market making renting or leasing your own store space more
affordable than ever. The big players in the off-price arena certainly have
deep pockets but can’t afford to be everywhere at once and lack of flexibility
as far as pricing and merchandise mix that you as an independent do not suffer

Last and most importantly, you have
a reliable source of high quality liquidation merchandise from,
who offers you the brand name merchandise that these shoppers are looking for.
So just one more question for you, what are you waiting for?

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