Buying Women’s Wholesale Fashion Clothing Online and Selling It Retail

It’s the women who are running the fashion world. You can never deny the fact that women keep the fashion industry growing. Magazine publishers, business people, stylists and designers are all trying to address the demands of 21st century women. They have become smarter too now. They are reading up magazines and following the latest news and trends. They are doing comparison shopping both online and offline. But the good news for fashion entrepreneurs is that, women are now buying more. So it’s a perfect opportunity for you to buy wholesale clothing and designer clothing cheap, and selling them off from your own store. It’s a great way to make a decent profit.

It’s a great opening for those of you who haven’t started their own business yet, but have always wanted to have their own fashion boutique. Have you always wondered where to get your merchandise from? After all, not many sellers can manufacture the designer dresses themselves. And frankly, you really don’t need to do this. You might be surprised to know that very few online and offline sellers make it themselves. They are mostly selling other people’s goods. You can too. It’s the best way to start off. Yes, you may want to make some of it yourself later and sell it. But it’s good to make some money first.

The second challenge is pricing. Big sellers get goods in bulk from manufacturers and are thus offered special prices. They can stay competitive by passing on some of these savings to their clients. But a beginner or small-time fashion business cannot get these deals. So does it mean that they would always be lagging behind? Not at all!

You can source your wholesale clothing from We get the designer dresses and other stuff from seasonal shelf pulls and closeout deals and offer them to our clients at 70% to 95% below the retail price. This lets you sell at a profit.

So how do you start off? It is quite easy really. All you have to do is just look through the wholesale lot categories and pick the stuff you want to offer. See the manifest closely, brand, style, read the description, and compare the retail vs. your price. You’ll see the savings you’ll get on wholesale designer clothing at

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