But how do I know this is a real_____(insert brand here)?

Yea we have gotten
this question a few times (more like few thousand) how do I know this stuff is
not a knockoff? Let me answer this question with a question, do you or have you
ever walked into a national retailer picked up a purse showed it to the casher
and asked if it was a knockoff? No we didn’t think so no one does but why is
this? Because we hold these retailers to a higher standard and expect nothing
but the best and authentic goods from them.

clothing is a multi-billion dollar industry there are literally thousands of
factories around the globe turning out various lookalike designer brand
fashions of varying degrees of quality. Some of it quite good facsimiles of the
real goods that only an experienced eye can spot the telltale signs of a forgery
but most of it very poor quality only made to be worn once before falling apart…
literally. If you search the net for 30 seconds you are bound to find so-called
liquidators offering what they call genuine _______ (insert brand here) shoes,
handbags and other apparel and 99% of the time what they are offering is this
name brand knockoff trash. Remember the old expression if it sounds too good to
be true then it probably is? This is all too true for liquidation. Some red
flags to look out for:

Genuine!- Big
red flag the use or overuse of the word genuine alarm bells should be sounding
if you see genuine. Do trusted retailers offer their goods as genuine Gucci,
Michael Kors or Fendi? No of course not genuine = fishy.

quantities of the same brand in the same style- it’s not at all uncommon to
have multiples of certain items but normally in small quantities happens all
the time 10-20 of a certain item fairly common. Now if you see liquidators
offering hundreds or thousands of a particular item in the same style, size or
color this is another warning sign of your subpar knockoffs.

not manifested- See one nice stock photo for the lot and then a list of names
with the phrase “may contain”? Keyword here is may, you may be being fooled by another scam artist.

High end
merchandise not found anywhere else- Heard of Louis Vuitton? They have been
around for 162 years so we are guessing yes. Trying to track down a nice
liquidation lot of LV handbags for your boutique or online store? Well good
luck because they don’t exist! Louis Vuitton has spent nearly two century’s
building their prestigious brand and they fiercely protect it. Louis Vuitton on
sale? Nope sorry does not happen, unsold liquidation merchandise floating
around? Again nope sorry does not happen. Louis Vuitton reportedly will
occasionally sell off excess to employees at near cost but this is very
strictly monitored if the purse shows up on eBay that employee will be out of a
job whatever is leftover is in all likelihood destroyed.

So let’s go back to
the original question so how do I know this is real? Well buy it from a trusted
source like a national retailer. Fox Liquidation sources merchandise only from
trusted national retailers in the United States, no third parties or cheap
Chinese fakes we stand behind the authenticity of our goods because we know
where it’s coming from. We understand your concern we know that some of our
lots are not small change and for some this is a major investment in your businesses
future. It’s good to ask is this real we are not offended, just keep these
pointers in mind before you buy somewhere else and remember if it sounds too
good to be true then it probably is. 

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