Are you shopping smart with inventory alerts?

Are you looking for that perfect lot? That elusive lot with just the right mix of brand names you know will sell fast? 

Each week hundreds of new lots are added to the site and keeping up with all the new merchandise can be time consuming. Don’t you wish you had a way to know when we are adding new lots in the category, condition and season that you are looking for? Well now you can with our new inventory alerts

Inventory alerts allow you to setup a personalized alert for new inventory in the condition, category, season and even location you are looking for. Say for example you specialize in shelf pull condition bedding/sheet lots and you’re based in California. Since these lots can be heavy and multiple pallets it does not make sense financially for you to be ordering lots outside of California because of the cost of freight. Now all you have to do is create an inventory alert.

1.Go to and login

2.Navigate to wholesale lots or small wholesale lots and to the left hand side of your screen you will see our wholesale lot filter.

3.Select the condition, category, season and locations. Pro Tip: keep your search wide at first maybe select a few warehouse locations near you or simply select all. Same goes for season don’t rule out spring summer merchandise because its November there are a lot of great off season deals to be had.

4.Click search and either email a list of the results to your email address or create a search alert for this new search so you will receive updates when we receive new merchandise that meets this search criteria.

That’s it it’s just that simple! Never miss out again on that next great lot!

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