Are you an overseas entrepreneur looking for a reliable source of merchandise? Then read on…

Are you a business owner maybe a retailer or importer looking
for a reliable source of high quality merchandise? If so, you have come to the
right place, at FoxLiquidation we specialize in servicing global markets. We know you have many questions: Are we
servicing your country? How are the goods shipped? How long does it take and
how do I start? Are there any restrictions? Well let’s dive in and answer these questions!

Why FoxLiquidation?- Let’s say you are currently buying direct from
a manufacturer at wholesale pricing. The product may be good but the margins are
thin. With the strong Dollar your margins keep shrinking. At Foxliquidation, we
sell liquidation merchandise. In most
cases, this merchandise must be liquidated by stores, warehouses or fulfillment
centers to make room for next season’s merchandise. As a result, these companies liquidate left
over merchandise at a loss, which is a fraction of a wholesale cost. Their loss is your gain! Why pay wholesale prices when you can get the
same quality goods at a fraction of the cost from Foxliquidation? Supplement
your offerings with FoxLiquidation, your first and last stop for great
liquidation merchandise.

Do you ship to my
country?- Yes, we ship globally with some exceptions. What we typically
recommend is to contact us via email at to
determine if we ship to your country. Please provide specifics, such as the lots
you are interested in purchasing, destination country, closest port or airport
and desired method of transit. We will then provide all available methods of transit
as well as cost and estimated transit time.

What are my shipping options?- Smaller lots typically under
100 pounds can be shipped via the united states postal service, it’s a fast and
a reliable option for smaller lots. Lots over 100 pounds are normally shipped
either sea or air cargo. The big difference between sea and air is cost and
speed. Generally, we recommend sea cargo, its slower but far more economical
than air freight. In general, expect to pay roughly double the sea freight cost
for air service but it does depend on the lots selected. The bulk of our
international shipments are sent port to port, meaning that the order would be
delivered to your closest port. You would then be responsible for clearing
customs and arranging transportation from the port to your destination.

Are there Taxes and Tariffs due at delivery?- This depends
entirely on the destination country. We strongly encourage all overseas clients
to secure their own customs broker to assist with the pertinent paperwork
associated with importation. A customs broker will also be able to give you a
clearer idea of the various taxes and tariffs due for these imported goods. Government
regulations prohibit us from marking merchandise below value or marking items
as “gifts”.

Many overseas customers use their own
international freight forwarder who is familiar with specifics of importing
good in their country. Their shipping
rates are cheaper than traditional shipping companies such as UPS.

Are there any restrictions? – Yes, for example,two important
brand restrictions you need to be aware of are Coach handbag and Ralph Lauren customer
returns. We are unable to export any lots containing any Coach handbags. This
restriction applies only to handbags and does not apply to other Coach products.
Lots with Ralph Lauren clothing, kids and other categories and customer return
condition cannot be exported. This restriction does not apply to any self pull
condition Ralph Lauren merchandise.

How can I pay for my purchase? – International purchases
must be paid by bank wire . Lots can be reserved with a 15% deposit via a
PayPal verified account. Note, deposits are non-refundable.We do not accept any
other forms of payment for international orders. International wires can take
several days to process so it is strongly encouraged that you reserve your lots
to avoid disappointment.

How long does it take to ship?- This varies greatly
depending on the destination and the method of transit, but we are happy to
provide a rough estimate of the transit time.

Do you offer container loads?- Yes we do. We can create a
container load based on your needs or you can create a customized container based
on lots that you select. Please make sure that all lots are from the same
location! Please feel free to contact us
for more details on container load deals.

I have a carrier can I arrange my own transportation (freight
forwarder)? – Yes, absolutely. We will
ship to your carrier anywhere in the United States. Your carrier will than handle international
shipping and customs. In most cases, freight
forwarders are familiar with clearing customs and offer much cheaper shipping
rates. Domestic pickup is allowed for container loads of merchandise only. Less
than container loads would need to be shipped to your carrier and you would be
responsible for the domestic shipping charges.

Still have questions? – Please feel free to contact us at We are also live via chat on our website. We will be happy to schedule a conference
call to discuss your needs in further detail. 

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