APD and the bright future at the post office

Hate standing in line at the post office to drop off your packages?
Sure you can probably do a scan form but a lot of sites just don’t make this
easy to do or maybe you have new orders coming at all hours of the day so you
pack as they come in. You would love to just drop them and run but far too
often your post office has failed to scan packages and has either delayed or
lost those no scan items. It’s more important than ever to make sure your item
was received and scanned into the post offices system after all your seller
reputation not to mention your seller stats are on the line here. So enter the
US postal service with a much needed solution for a common headache among internet
entrepreneurs the APD system.

APD short for automated
postal drop is similar to their existing kiosks except that these will be able
to scan prepaid labels from sites like eBay and others. To put it plainly APD
is a big box with a scanner that you can scan your own labels into and get a
receipt with tracking info, date and time. Just think of it no more waiting in
line behind the octogenarian buying 1 stamp and no more grumbling or dirty looks
from the cashier every time you drop off your packages and demand a receipt.
Now this system is still only in its testing phase available only in California,
Florida, New York, North Dakota and Virginia but don’t be surprised when they
make their first appearance at your local post office. Just one word of advice
try not to get stuck behind another seller! 

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