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Do a quick search for liquidation merchandise… it’s pretty
overwhelming the amount of options you have. So I did a quick Google search and
came up with just over 600,000 results. What that means is a whole lot of
merchandise from a whole lot of liquidators. The independent retailer has no shortage
of merchandise or suppliers to choose from so why choose Foxliquidation? What
separates Foxliquidation from the crowd and what makes so many clients come

Quality merchandise –
Name brand goods from leading national retailers you know and trust. No
need to worry about inferior quality or knockoff goods from unscrupulous
overseas dealers. These are leading name brands from leading retailers that
your customers want.

Wide Selection- We pride ourselves on offering a wide array
of merchandise with thousands of lots to choose from at any given time. From Women’s,
Men’s and children’s clothing in every age group to housewares, kitchenware,
general merchandise and more.

Customer support- Whether a veteran seller or just starting
up your new business you probably have lots of questions. We understand this
can be a big decision for any business large or small deciding on a supplier
and making your first purchase. We are here to assist and our ultimate goal is
to match you with the perfect goods to make your business succeed.

Transparency- Fully manifested merchandise which includes UPCs,
style numbers, description, color and size with clear stock images of the items
within the lot. No blurry pictures of shrink wrapped pallets or un-manifested
mystery goods.

Powerful site features- Fox liquidation offers a wide array
of search options including our wholesale lot filter that allows you to sort by
condition, season, location, category as well as by lot price or newest lots.
Want to know exactly when a new lot is added in a specific category and by
condition at a particular location? Sign up for our inventory alerts to get an
email notification whenever a lot is added that meets your search criteria. never
worry again about missing out on that perfect lot.

Small or large we cater to any size businesses – are you an
independent retailer with a chain of locations or just a mom and pop operation
working out of your home? We have the goods that you need to succeed. We have lots to fit every sized business from
small to large and with lots starting at just a few hundred dollars we have the
merchandise to fit any sized budget.

Location, location, location- with multiple locations to
choose from there’s always a location nearby to help you save on those shipping
costs. Why pay to have a load hauled cross country when there’s a location a
state over that can easily ship right to your door.  

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