10 reasons how e-commerce can change your life

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At times it’s
a good idea to take a step back and see the big picture. So let’s step back
from the daily grind for a minute and ask ourselves a simple and important
question why sell online in the first place? Now if you’re a beginner and have
yet to decide if now is the right time to dive in or experienced pro at the
online retail game, please read on. Even if you have years under your belt but
need to refocus, please read on and you just might find some inspiration here
to take your game to the next level. Are you a brick and mortar retailer? You
need to be online too even if your primary focus is still your physical store.

  • Now
    more than eve selling is easy- Old timers to internet retail may remember the days
    of waiting for a physical check or money order in the mail before you shipped
    that item. Really old timers may remember a time before pictures can you
    imagine that today?? Well those days are long gone. Now more than ever getting
    setup, posting and selling is really, really easy! Worried about not having the right equipment?
    Is your pc and digital camera really old? All you need these days is a smartphone
    to take photos and post to eBay or scan that barcode to post on Amazon. Sure
    you may want to invest a few bucks down the road when you are up and running
    for equipment but as long as you have a smartphone you are good to go. Still have
    a flip phone? We need to have a very long talk it’s time to upgrade NOW!
  • Startup
    costs are low- A lot of the time folks sit on the fence because they think they
    just don’t have the money to get into the business. Well this is not the case
    especially with Foxliquidation, we have a price point for every budget and the
    selection is diverse so no need to worry about settling for goods that you
    don’t want to sell.
  • Your
    business is open all the time and can ship anywhere- No need to worry about
    losing a sale because your store was not open. You are open 24/7 online and
    with marketplaces like eBays’s and Amazon’s global shipping options, you can
    now ship worldwide, that’s opening yourself up to a literal world of customers.
  • Room
    for growth- There is a lot of room for growth in online retail. E-commerce Sales
    increase year over year as do the number of venues to sell with Amazon, eBay,
    Poshmark, Walmart, Bonanza, Facebook, Pinterest, your own e-commerce website
    and many more. It’s totally up to you to find the site or group of sites that
    best suits your business and start selling. 
  • Freedom
    of choice- A lot of us these days have a friend or relative that drives for
    Uber or Lyft and a big reason for this is flexibility, the freedom to work when
    you want. There is a lot to be said about running your own business, being your
    own boss and working when you want to. In this case your setting your own schedule,
    have complete control over your future success and never stuck in traffic.
  • Economic
    Freedom and Security – There are very few people who got rich working a 9 to 5
    job. With today’s fluid economy very few places offer the job security our
    parents enjoyed. If you have realistic expectations not looking to get rich quick,
    you can join the thousands of successful e-commerce entrepreneurs while
    providing financial freedom and security for your family. Keep that day job and
    start hustling online in your off hours, just pop that music on in the
    background to keep yourself pumped up and start listing away. You will be
    amazed by what you can achieve and enjoy your life with an alternative income
  • Plenty
    of room to niche- sometime in your life someone has probably said to you that
    you need to find your niche in life, well the same goes for selling online. The
    good thing is that there are many different niches to choose from selling
    online. Want to specialize in formal kids clothing or perhaps you want to
    market complete outfits to an exclusively plus size clientele? Your only
    limited by your imagination and when you find the right niche, something you
    are great at selling, brand it and reap some serious rewards.
  • Brick
    and Web not just Brick and Mortar- to the brick and mortar retailer having a
    presence online is just a no brainer. You have the inventory already why not
    sell to everyone with web access? Plus, it’s a great way to bring more
    attention to your physical location, with your greater online presence sell
    them online and then sell them even more when they walk into your store.
  • Add
    some skills to your Resume- Been doing the same job for 20 years or perhaps
    just starting out in the working world and want to beef up a stale or scrawny
    resume? Now take a moment to catalog all the skills that you have learned selling
    online. Photographing, editing, writing copy, pricing, packing and processing
    orders, customer service, advertising and maintaining social media, accounting
    and more. Don’t think these are marketable skills guess again a lot of these
    little extras skills you may have set you apart from the competition and may
    someday land you that dream job.
  • Tap
    into your inner artist- Are you living a double life? Accountant by day and
    Photographer by night, artist or writer looking for an outlet? Want to make
    your hobby profitable? Well you absolutely can while adding some experience to
    your resume. Get creative with your photography, maybe design an elaborate
    setting for your merchandise or perhaps get really creative with writing product
    descriptions, After all who doesn’t like a good story and a great picture is
    worth a million words.   

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