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Uh Oh! what to do when something goes wrong with your order

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Your order has arrived yay! Since you already read our blog on receiving your order you are all set and know what to do. You got your manifest handy and are checking your order in and uh oh, damaged items on a shelf pull condition lot or missing items on either a shelf pull or a customer return condition lot. Now before you panic, let’s discuss what to do when something goes wrong with your order. First, know all the facts. Whether your order is missing items or has damages a claim form must be filled out and submitted within 5 calendar days of receipt. Failure to meet this deadline will result in your claim being rejected. Don’t put it off till the last minute, as soon as it arrives check it in and make sure it’s all there. Next let’s talk about what a claim can be filed for and this all depends on the lots condition.

Shelf Pulls – Shelf pull lots on average have a defect rate of 5% or less and that 5% threshold is both typical and acceptable. Claims can be filed for both distressed merchandise and shortages that exceed the 5% threshold. It is important to note that shortages (missing items) and distressed items, for the purposes of a claim are treated the same and for the purpose of this article the term damages will refer to both distressed or missing merchandise.

So how do you determine whether the damages exceed the 5% acceptable threshold? Basic arithmetic, if your lot cost $1000 then the 5% allowable threshold is $50 and any merchandise damaged with a value exceeding this $50 threshold can and would be issued a credit anything below $50 would not be credited.

So for example if you purchase a lot for $2500 the 5% allowable defect rate would be in this case $125. Let’s then say you total up the value of the damages and they come to $330. So total damages $330 minus allowable defect rate $125 equals your credit $205.

Note, we will also require pictures that clearly show the defects of the distressed merchandise and we may ask you to return distressed items. If you do not submit proof, your claim will be denied.

Customer Returns- Claims can be filed for shortages only and shortages must exceed 5% of the total value of the lot. Claims for distressed merchandise on these lots will be denied. While very uncommon substitutions can occur in customer return lots, these substitutions are of similar value to the item listed and cannot be claimed unless the substitution is of a significantly lesser value than the listed item.

Filling out the form- Now that you know what can and cannot be claimed, fill out the claim form. Each field in the claim form is essential so please be sure that the form is filled out in its entirety. Claims that are missing required fields will be denied. Claims filled out by hand or in other formats will be denied. An absolutely essential piece of documentation we require is carton counts and pictures of the received carton labels. These carton labels assist us in determining information like what boxes were shorted from the shipment or why certain items were shorted from a particular box.

One additional note on security tags- We do our best to assure removal of security tags from all our items, from time to time some will be missed and while irritating these are not considered damages. We will gladly remove these for you free of charge or you can purchase a security tag remover from our website for whichever tag you need to remove.

While we do our best to assure that what you ordered is what you get mistakes can and do happen. We understand it can be time consuming and a headache to file a claim but remember it helps both you by keeping money in your pocket and us by improving our accuracy a win-win in my book.

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