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Yet another costly glitch from the eBay, PayPal dynamic duo

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Regular readers of our blog may get the impression that we have it in for eBay but quite the opposite, it’s a great site but with every great site comes a few problems and to be quite frank eBay is the industry leader in site glitches. Frankly I am running out of ways to say eBay has had yet another glitch, it’ the internet equivalent of the 20 year old car leaking coolant and belching a cloud of toxic fumes as it sputters down the road not exactly in good working order so to speak. So what is it this time? Internal email down? Maybe PayPal’s turned off so you can’t accept payments? Cassini malfunctioning displaying totally unrelated results? No no no! don’t be silly that was all last year! This time it’s totally different and for a change, it may not actually be eBay’s fault (maybe) no now it’s their ex’s PayPal’s fault and this time it’s about how you’re paying and your funding source. Did you happen to login to PayPal recently and think gee the balance on my account looks a bit higher than it should be? Well that’s because it’s been deducting your shipping from your secondary funding source and depending on how your account is setup that’s either your credit card or your bank account. Now the real issue arises for those unfortunate sellers and buyers with their bank accounts attached as their secondary funding source. Low on funds in your bank account? And no clue your tapping your already low funds? Yea you guessed it overdrafts galore! Each time you are buying another label or sending a payment your racking up another overdraft fee. This issue arose on or around April 3rd and continued for days! No word on the exact length of time on the glitch because not surprisingly neither eBay nor PayPal reported the glitch and you can probably guess this as well eBay is blaming PayPal and vice versa. Reports abound of frustrated customers calling to complain to PayPal and ask for these overdraft fees back only to receive a letter to be provided to their financial institution stating that you the customer made the mistake of selecting the bank account in question as the funding source and that they should refund these fees to you. Way to pass the buck PayPal and take no responsibility for the error that you most likely caused and to blame the innocent seller or buyer just takes the cake! Look eBay and PayPal we know you just went thru a messy divorce back in 2015 but that’s no reason to take it out on us. Also a little bit of communication never hurt any relationship how about telling us when there is an issue even if you are not sure if it’s a PayPal or eBay error. It’s great that eBay has a systems status page but if you never use it to report issues isn’t it just like a smoke alarm with no battery… useless? 

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